October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Do You Have Accurate Monitoring at the Fish Tank?

    Do you have accurate monitoring in the control room?   All right. We've measured the room and I've treated it and listened to it over and over again, moved the subs around, treated first reflections, we have awesome diffusion in the back of the room, bass trapping where it's appropriate, and the listening position is pretty large. The space where the engineer sits and the artist would sit is accurate. I take my mixes out of the room and they translate. Yeah, I would say so. I like our monitoring very much. We have NS-10s, which give you a goo picture of what's happening in the mid range, we have ADAM monitors, we have general like 80-50s, and sometimes we get other things in just to play around with, but we have a lot of choices and the room is accurate. I feel pretty confident that what you do here will translate outside.        
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: What are the rates for mixing?

  What are the rates for mixing?   You know, we can do an hourly rate, and it takes what it takes. If revisions need to be made, you pay for that time, because it is studio time and it is the engineer's time. We may be able to work out a flat rate, depending upon the engineer and how many songs it'll be. It really depends.      
April 13, 2015

Choosing an Engineer

A good engineer can either make, or break a session. Moreover, even if you have your part locked-down tight, if the engineer can’t accomodate your workflow, this can be very stifling. Before even booking a session, an artist should know the person with whom they will be working, and what the environment will be like. Also, if there are any special needs you might need as an Artist (whether its food in the area, a place to keep water cool, etc.), these are things that should be talked about beforehand. Also, remember that an engineer is more than a man running a machine, he is the one who is helping you translate your vision on to “tape” (or in this case bits). It’s important that the engineer has a firm grasp of the genre of music, or in the least, has prepared for the session by getting acquainted with what’s to be recorded/mixed. A good team can go a long way. Make sure you pick the right one. Our selection of the finest, most well vetted recording engineers, makes the Fish Tank Studios a fantastic choice for your next [intlink id=”7″ type=”page”]recording session in Miami.[/intlink]
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: How have has the Fish Tank acquired so much equipment?

    How have you acquired so much gear?   Well, we are Pro Audio dealers. I won a company called Little Fish Audio and a lot of the equipment that we get, really high-end equipment we get as trade-in or … We buy and sell a bunch of stuff. We're also authorized dealers for over 70 product lines, so a lot of the stuff we get pretty heavily discounted. All of the software, fortunately for us, we get for free, so we have, I don't know, maybe 30 or 40 manufacturers of software and we have all of their software installed on the computer. McDSP, Universal Audio, IK, Waves, we have all of it, and it's legal. You're not dealing with cracks which are shutting a session down. That becomes a mess. We own everything outright and we own what we like to use.