Our Pro Tools Rig

Avid HDX on an 8 core Mac Pro.

Legally owned plugins: All Waves, Lexicon, McDsp, Softube, SPL, MAAG, Ik Multimedia, Black Cat, Avid, Sound Toys, Sonnox, Eventide, Slate Digital, Nomad Factory, Brainworx, Toontrack, and many others.

We have a fully loaded Universal Audio UAD2- Octo Card


Avid HD16 I/O, 192 I/O with output card, 96 IO for total of 32 in and 40 out.


Mains: Custom made George Augspurger style Tad 4002 and 1603 component Main soffit mounted monitors. They have been tuned perfectly to the room. Hope the neighbors don’t complain.

Nearfields: Genelec 8050 with Yamaha Sub, Yamaha NS10.

Outboard Equipment

Our best of both worlds “hybrid” approach to studio integration brings the facility of Pro Tools and the sound of analog into perfect unity. We have dedicated I/O for every piece of outboard gear. Bring your favorite vintage analog piece into the mix as if it were a plugin!


Neve 2254e stereo pair

DBX 165

DBX 160 VU (1)

DBX 160 VU (2)

DBX 160 SL

Summit Audio TLA100

Summit Audio DCL-200 (1)

Summit Audio DCL-200 (2)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (1)

Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X (2)

Purple Action

Chandler Lil Devil Compressor



Api 550a (1)

Api 550a (2)

Api 550b (1)

Api 550b (2)

Api 560 (1)

Api 560 (2)

Purple Audio Tav

Purple Audio Odd (1)

Purple Audio Odd (2)

Thermionic Culture Pullet

SSL 4000 equalizer


Because we are constantly reviews microphones for our retail shop, we have countless options in this area.  We own versions of the following:

Brauner VM1 Klaus Heine edition: One of only 100 made, this specimen (no. 51)  has been used on albums by Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Madonna.

Telefunken AR-51

Blue Baby Bottle

Peluso 22- 251

Shure KSM 44

Cascade Fat Head II Passive/ Active Ribbon ( Lundahl LL2913) Stereo Pair Cascade Knuckle Head (Short Ribbon)

Cascade Vinjet (Long ribbon)

Cascade Elroy Tube Microphone

Cascade V57 Cascade m39 Pair

Microphone Preamps

Phoenix DRS-1 (Neve Clone) x2

Api 512 B x2

Api 512 C x2

SSL 4000 channel pre

Earthworks 1022 stereo straight wire Mic pre

Old School Audio MP1A (All Api Components)1

Old School Audio MP1A (All Api Components)2

Old School Audio MP1A (Jensen input/ api Output transformer and API opamp) 1

Old School Audio MP1A (Jensen input/ api Output transformer and API opamp) 2

Purple Audio Pants

Purple Audio Biz

Miami Recording studio equipment


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