Recording studio Miami: Do You Have Accurate Monitoring at the Fish Tank?

How to choose a recording Studio, Miami Recording Studio - October 26, 2016, at 11:34 am



Do you have accurate monitoring in the control room?


All right. We've measured the room and I've treated it and listened to it over and over again, moved the subs around, treated first reflections, we have awesome diffusion in the back of the room, bass trapping where it's appropriate, and the listening position is pretty large. The space where the engineer sits and the artist would sit is accurate. I take my mixes out of the room and they translate. Yeah, I would say so. I like our monitoring very much. We have NS-10s, which give you a goo picture of what's happening in the mid range, we have ADAM monitors, we have general like 80-50s, and sometimes we get other things in just to play around with, but we have a lot of choices and the room is accurate. I feel pretty confident that what you do here will translate outside.