Recording studio Miami: How have has the Fish Tank acquired so much equipment?

How to choose a recording Studio, Miami Recording Studio - October 26, 2016, at 11:34 am



How have you acquired so much gear?


Well, we are Pro Audio dealers. I won a company called Little Fish Audio and a lot of the equipment that we get, really high-end equipment we get as trade-in or … We buy and sell a bunch of stuff. We're also authorized dealers for over 70 product lines, so a lot of the stuff we get pretty heavily discounted. All of the software, fortunately for us, we get for free, so we have, I don't know, maybe 30 or 40 manufacturers of software and we have all of their software installed on the computer. McDSP, Universal Audio, IK, Waves, we have all of it, and it's legal. You're not dealing with cracks which are shutting a session down. That becomes a mess. We own everything outright and we own what we like to use.