Recording studio Miami: How is the Fishtank Related to Little Fish Audio?

How to choose a recording Studio, Miami Recording Studio - October 26, 2016, at 11:34 am



How is the Fishtank related to Little Fish Audio, the pro audio retailer?


Little Fish Audio, being that it's an online company is based out of the Fishtank. Fishtank is where we demo and cast out gear, shoot videos and stuff like that. When the store closes it becomes a studio at night for recording and production. The cool thing about Little Fish Audio is that it allows us to constantly be talking about gear, answering questions about gear, sometimes fixing gear, and really consulting people on what is the best gear for them. Then when it comes to the Fishtank, a fresh project comes in, we may have already talked to two or three other people this month that have similar needs for gear, so we're ready to explain to you why this certain piece of hardware is going to be the best for your vocal, for example.