Recording studio Miami: Should the same engineer record and mix your songs?

How to choose a recording Studio, Miami Recording Studio - October 26, 2016, at 11:34 am



Should I have the music recorded and mixed by the same person?


It's a tricky question. There are pros and cons to that. If the person who has been tracking has done so in a way that he's been capturing things with the final mix in mind … So he's been using microphone choice, microphone placement, [preamps 00:00:32], maybe a little bit of compression, equalization. If he has a very clear vision of the way the final product should sound, then yeah. Especially if he has good mixes that you can listen to. Otherwise, my recommendation would likely be no, to have somebody else mix the stuff. It's nice to have somebody else's fresh take on a recording and be able to interpret things their own way and mix things their own way with fresh ears. I would definitely not recommend doing the recording and the mixing the same day, because ear fatigue sets in and becomes very difficult to actually hear what's going on and make critical decisions in the mix after recording. I like to separate the two, personally.