Recording studio Miami: Tell us About the History of the Fish tank recording studios.

How to choose a recording Studio, Miami Recording Studio - October 26, 2016, at 11:34 am



Tell us about the history of the Fishtank.


The Fishtank studios began out of my home when I was working out of my home. I built out a really great room there that was designed by Jeff Headback. It was fantastic and we had great artists, great mixers, come in a do work. Now we've set up a retail store and the front of the store is a showroom/studio so basically we have a ton of the equipment that we sell through our retail shop we have. A lot of it is really high end. Over time we've collected all this stuff and been able to take our time to build out something that really works well.


The other thing with the Fishtank is that we've had incredibly engineers come through and I have just so many friends here in the industry who could use the work and are amazing and they're comfortable working here.