Universal Audio Apollo 8

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July 30, 2015
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February 24, 2016
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Universal Audio Apollo 8


The Universal Audio Apollo came on the market just a few years ago, and today, it has become a staple in many recording studios.  Why?   There are a couple reasons for that.  Having started in the 50’s Bill Putnam set the tone (and standard) for a lot of the analog gear that we use day-to-day.  Today, Bill’s son, Bill Putnam Jr., has created a new normal by combining incredibly precise digital emulations of classic hardware pieces, and paired that with an incredibly functional and high quality audio interface.   We can start with the plugins. Universal Audio has been building software emulations of hardware pieces for over a decade now,  and as that time has progressed,  their emulation techniques have only gotten better.   Here in the Fish Tank Studios, we have put many of these plugins up against their hardware counterpart, and have the results to be almost indistinguishable!  This is UBER important for a couple reasons. For one, having plugin versions of hardware pieces allows the engineer to use as many instances as he/she wants.  You’re no longer limited to only one use of your hardware. Next, the Apollo allows for virtually ZERO latency when recording through plugins.  Not only do you get access to some of the most powerful Audio Processing plugins on the market, but you are able to use them during the tracking process. Finally, UA has used all their knowledge and expertise in both the digital, and analog world to create an incredible sounding interface. This applies not only to the digital conversion aboard the new Apollos, but also to the Preamps.  Universal Audio have designed ultra-clean preamps that pair with the plugins to run what are called Unison Preamps.  These preamps use the impedance information from the plugin and color the tone signal as the original unit might. Come check out the UA Apollo and it's fantastic plugins at our recording studio miami !

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