Miami Recording Studio To The Stars


Whether you need simple overdubbing, or have an entire album to record, the Fish Tank Studios are co


With over a decade of experience, The Fish Tank Studios offer anything from Overdubbing, and Voice-O
Miami Recording Studio To The Stars


With over 10 years experience building studios, Studio Manager, Josh Lewis, has equipped everything
Miami Recording Studio To The Stars


Looking to get a Quick-Mix of your Demo? Want to have your Music processed through High-End Analog E

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Why Choose Us In Miami?

Whether you need simple overdubbing, or have an entire album to record, the Fish Tank Studios are committed to accommodating your needs. With nothing, but top-of-the-line Analog & Digital gear, and Experienced in-house Audio Engineers, the Fish Tank Studios offer Quality Services, and Professional Results.

Our location counts on 2 Iso-Booths, a Live Room, and a professionally-designed, lounge-like control room where artists, producers, and sound engineers alike can feel at ease as they work.  Moreover, if you’re looking for a specific piece of gear, or instrument, that we might not have, we’ll go out of our way to make sure it’s available for your session.  Schedule your appointment to visit The Fish Tank Studios today!

Finding a recording studio in Miami, that truly gets great results can be an incredibly daunting task!

Miami recording studios cater to A-List Hip Hop, Latin, and Pop artists from around the world. High profile artists from across the globe tend to make Miami their home when working on their next album over the winter. What better place for vibe, excitement, beauty, glamour, and relaxation than the Magic City?

With so many variables to consider when booking a studio, it is important to be clear about what work needs to be done. What needs to be achieved? Is there any rehearsal, arranging, or preparation needed before booking your session? Many times the less prepared the artist is, the more they will need to come out of pocket to be happy with the final product. The reality is this: Hit songs on the radio can take hundreds of man hours of labor to complete. Producers, arrangers, engineers, session musicians, programmers, and assistants all play a part in this process. If the artist is incredibly gifted, has great work ethic, they MAY have a hit single on their album!

The quality of the facilities that you visit, the choice of equipment, the acoustic of the rooms, AND most importantly, the recording engineer are all things to weigh against the cost of these services.

How much can you expect to pay for recording studio time in Miami?

Miami recording studio prices vary considerably. Recording rates at a Hialeah home studio may be $20/hr with the engineer. Recording rates at a Hialeah home studio may be $20/hr with the engineer. Recording rates at the Hit Factory in North Miami might be over $240/hr with engineer. The question becomes: what is the sweet spot in terms of quality/price?

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing your recording studio in Miami:

In order of importance:

#1 = the sound engineer. What have they worked on? Do they have any major label experience? Have they worked at commercial studios and if so, how long? If your engineer has been able to make it through the arduous task of getting through an internship and assistant position to become the staff engineer of a large commercial studio, you might be looking at someone who is qualified to give you great results. If not, your expectations should really be set relatively low. You are likely to get similar results recording yourself at home, with some basic software, with $500 or less in equipment. The sound engineer matters more than ANY other factor!

Miami's Fish Tank Recording studio ONLY contracts with engineers who have superior knowledge of their craft, and have a proven major label track record. These engineers usually charge a rate starting at $40/hr. This cost does not include the studio rental.

Second order of importance: The studio acoustics and equipment. Put simply, the great engineer can make use of great tools better than anyone else. Like it is said, it is the "indian and not the arrow." The synergy between the artist, engineer, and the right tools, accounts for the difference between good and great.

Because our parent company LITTLE FISH AUDIO is a retailer of new and used recording equipment nationwide, our studio is equipped with world class equipment. Our mix of boutique and high end microphones, compressors, equalizers, converters, and monitoring has come to us at a lesser cost, which allows us to pass that savings on to our customer. The ownership are commercial recording studio builders and acousticians who have been able to put their own sweat equity and shop equipment into the studio. This substantially reduces our clients cost in using equipment of this caliber, in a fantastic, accurate environment.

Ultimately the choice is yours. We feel that our experience within the recording community both locally and nationally position The Fish Tank to outperform, out-deliver, and yield the best recorded performances.

Please do call us today to book our recording studio when you come to Miami!


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