March 28, 2016

Recording Brass – Technique, theory and practice.

Recording brass can be a bit of an undertaking if one isn’t familiar with the process. Brass instruments (Trumpet, Sax, Tuba, Trombone)  can have a massive large dynamic range, and can be very nuanced if the music at hand is jazz. When recording any of the instruments, there are a couple of things to take into account. Here’s a list of how to approach the session:   What Genre is the Music being Recorded?: Will you be recording a slow jazz with a horn as a lead? A funk track with a brass section performing stabs? Its very important to take a second, and have the instrumentalist(s) play through the tune at hand to get a feel for the dynamic range, bursts (in the case of a funk stab), as well as, whether the player(s) have a tendency to move around. The distance, and direction of the mic will play a big part in how the sound is picked up.   Each one of these factors will come into play when moving on to the next section:   Microphone Choice: Condenser or Dynamic or Ribbon?: For me this question really depends on the answer to the first question. If the session is with experienced jazz musicians, more often than not, I will reach for a condenser, as it allows the expressivity of the player to come across much better. If this is the case, I will place the microphone at least 3 feet from the end of the player’s horn. […]
March 23, 2016

Mission Critical: Acoustic treatment in the recording studio control room!

When looking for a recording studio, I have seen prospective clients discern between studios on equipment lists alone. I am asked what DAW (digital audio workstation) we use, what type of outboard equipment we have available (microphone preamps, compressors, equalizers), which microphones we have to choose from, and for a plugin processor list. These are all important and valid questions. Aside from the actual talent and ability of the recording engineer, the tools that we use to get great sound are critical. Fortunately our recording studio has equipment and software in spades. Our parent company is an online retailer for studio equipment, and gets great manufacturer demo model deals that are not available to other studios. We can afford to have great equipment, even if we do not book our room. This is a HUGE benefit of using our studio. Big budget studio equipment at project/home studio pricing. However, this is not our most valuable attribute! Our room is acoustically sound, treated for accuracy, and yields a clear representation of what your music will sound like elsewhere! Being able to offer an accurate soundscape in the control room is paramount. How is it possible to make mix decisions that translate to all listening systems? The answer is having an accurate listening environment that is treated properly! What is proper treatment, and how is it achieved? The answer quite simply is the use of the scientific method to achieve accuracy. We measure, the acoustic response of the listening position with measurement […]
June 26, 2015

How to choose your recording studio miami – The equipment! The gear!

After you have found the right engineer, you will want to make sure that you are working in an acoustically accurate, well built studio that has the latest technologies. A few panels on the walls in a square room does not a control room make! A symmetric room with non parallel walls and acoustic clouds are telling signs that the room was built well. Double walls, and floated floors are also the norm, as they prevent the transmission of sound from the outside. Technologically most of the top recording studios use Pro Tools 11 HD or higher and have an HDX system, which means that processing is done both on the computer and separate PCIe cards. This combined with a large collection of analog equipment, and a good microphone selection are paramount. Questions to ask: -Does your studio record with Pro Tools HD? -Is your room acoustically designed and built? -What type of conversion do you use? -Do you have any outboard gear? Which models and what is its value? Now that you have your studio chosen, it is time to get into the your recording studio miami! Once you have properly prepared your performance and performers it is time to bring them into the studio for the recording and overdubbing process. If you plan to have your music compete with today’s latest releases, this process can be painstaking. It is critical to get each part captured exactly as you would want. Pitch, delivery, performance of every last note is […]
June 26, 2015

Choosing a recording studio miami: The indian not the arrow!

Choosing a recording studio to get your recording project done can be a daunting task. There are many factors that should be weighed out when making this choice. What type of music are you recording? What will the instrumentation be? Will you need guidance in the production and arrangement of the music or has this already been worked out? Will you need vocal coaching? What technologies do you need? What is your budget? To make best use of your time there is one factor which cannot save you more money: practice, practice, practice. Make sure that your song is charted out and that each part has been incredibly well rehearsed. You and your bandmates should be well prepared to deliver a flawless performance. Once you are indeed fully prepared, it is time to record. Choosing a recording studio is more than choosing a place with the right equipment. As the saying goes, “it is the Indian and not the Arrow!” There is no more critical element for a successful recording process than having a well trained, talented recording engineers. All recording engineers are not created equal. Although a 2 year or 4 year degree is helpful, these qualifications hold very little credence in the music industry. Pro tools certification in and of itself means very little. The truth is that there are hundreds of people claiming to be bona fide recording engineers without a proven track record of success in the recording industry. The only true measure of quality that […]