October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Should the same engineer record and mix your songs?

  Should I have the music recorded and mixed by the same person?   It’s a tricky question. There are pros and cons to that. If the person who has been tracking has done so in a way that he’s been capturing things with the final mix in mind … So he’s been using microphone choice, microphone placement, [preamps 00:00:32], maybe a little bit of compression, equalization. If he has a very clear vision of the way the final product should sound, then yeah. Especially if he has good mixes that you can listen to. Otherwise, my recommendation would likely be no, to have somebody else mix the stuff. It’s nice to have somebody else’s fresh take on a recording and be able to interpret things their own way and mix things their own way with fresh ears. I would definitely not recommend doing the recording and the mixing the same day, because ear fatigue sets in and becomes very difficult to actually hear what’s going on and make critical decisions in the mix after recording. I like to separate the two, personally.      
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Should songs be recorded and mixed by same person?

  Should I have the album or songs recorded and mixed by the same person?   I would say probably not. You do want a fresh perspective when you get to the mixing process, a fresh set of ears providing feedback and maybe giving you ideas for production at the mixing stage. The only reason why I would go with a mixing engineer who has already been involved with project is if maybe one of the writers is a mixing engineer and wants to be the mixing engineer on the project or somebody that just has a clear vision for the project and has already planned out aspects of the recording process to be addressed in the mix and is already thinking of how they’re going to mix and that relates to how they recorded it.      
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: How should I prepare for studio time?

  What should I do before I go to the studio? What would you suggest?   The majority of the work on your project is going to be done before you go to the recording studio to do the final recordings. What you should do is make sure that you have all your Ts crossed and your Is dotted, starting with the song. Make sure that you have all of your lyrics written, and rehearsed, and practiced, and you know exactly what you’re going to sing and how you’re going to sing it. Make sure that all of the instrumentation is planned, and that the band has rehearsed those parts and knows exactly what they need to play so you can get it down on the first take. Then, have some embellishments on the second take and see if some magic happens.   Make sure that the band rehearses together. If you’re going to record all these things together, make sure that you have rehearsals together with a click coming through the PA. Record these rehearsals, and you provide feedback, and you make things perfect from when you get to the studio. You should also be recording your own tracks at home in Ableton, or in Pro Tools, or whatever program that you can get your hands on just to number one, get the arrangements set, and also to get yourself more comfortable with recording and with engineering, which will give you more knowledge when you get to the studio. […]
February 24, 2016

Mixing at the NEW Fish Tank – Recording Studio Miami FL!

CURRENT MOOD: Peoplewatch. Mixing engineer Paul Garcia working on final mixes for the Peoplewatch record 'Sideways,' which will be released on March 26th, 2016. Paul is using the UA 1176 Classic Limiting Amplifier Plug-ins in a serial chain. One with a slow release and another with a fast release. Depending on the source, either the fast or slow release 1176 is being used first in the chain. Before compressing the instrument bus, Paul sets a UA SSL E-Channel Strip. The "equaliserselect" button is a great way to get a different character out of the EQ without interrupting workflow. The onboard compressor on the E-Channel sounds great on rock guitars when the Ratio is set to 1, Threshold is set to -20, and the Release is set to .1. Come and create at our recording studio miami !