April 13, 2015

Miami’s Fish Tank Recording Studio: It’s the indian, and not the arrow!

Here at the Fish Tank studios we take our recording equipment choices and acoustics very seriously. Actually, the physical properties of our studio were well thought out and designed by award winning designer Jeff Hedback (formerly of Auralex), who specified that we use recycled bluejeans within our walls! We have been painstaking about our attention to accuracy in our listening environment, and choice of studio equipment. Avid HD Native, Universal Audio Octo Ultimate plugin suite, every plugin known to man, fantastic microphones and vintage outboard gear are not what make the Fish Tank Recording studios great. It is it’s engineers that make it great! Chief engineer Josh Lewis has worked with a who’s who list of current recording artists like Lil Wayne, Madonna, Shakira, Ricky Martin, and many others. Our engineers have been through countless arduous major label recording sessions, and have paid there dues with years of apprenticeship, and a boat load of very expensive education (Full Sail)! Their ears and abilities, their mastery of their craft are 90% of the value you get at the Fish Tank. Without them our $100k in equipment would be useless! Come book a [intlink id=”7″ type=”page”]recording session in miami, fl[/intlink] today!!!
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: How have has the Fish Tank acquired so much equipment?

  How have you acquired so much gear?   Well, we are Pro Audio dealers. I won a company called Little Fish Audio and a lot of the equipment that we get, really high-end equipment we get as trade-in or … We buy and sell a bunch of stuff. We’re also authorized dealers for over 70 product lines, so a lot of the stuff we get pretty heavily discounted. All of the software, fortunately for us, we get for free, so we have, I don’t know, maybe 30 or 40 manufacturers of software and we have all of their software installed on the computer. McDSP, Universal Audio, IK, Waves, we have all of it, and it’s legal. You’re not dealing with cracks which are shutting a session down. That becomes a mess. We own everything outright and we own what we like to use.        
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Tell us About the History of the Fish tank recording studios.

  Tell us about the history of the Fishtank.   The Fishtank studios began out of my home when I was working out of my home. I built out a really great room there that was designed by Jeff Headback. It was fantastic and we had great artists, great mixers, come in a do work. Now we’ve set up a retail store and the front of the store is a showroom/studio so basically we have a ton of the equipment that we sell through our retail shop we have. A lot of it is really high end. Over time we’ve collected all this stuff and been able to take our time to build out something that really works well.   The other thing with the Fishtank is that we’ve had incredibly engineers come through and I have just so many friends here in the industry who could use the work and are amazing and they’re comfortable working here.    
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Where is Miami’s Fish Tank recording studio located?

  Where is the studio located?   We are located basically in Central Miami right off of Bird Road and 74th Avenue which is very close to Palmetto. It’s really dead center. We have everything close by, hotels. The airport is a 10 minute drive or less. Hotels all over the place, restaurants, all types of shops. It’s a great location.