How to choose a recording Studio

October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: How is the Fishtank Related to Little Fish Audio?

How is the Fishtank related to Little Fish Audio, the pro audio retailer? Little Fish Audio, being that it’s an online company is based out of the Fishtank. Fishtank is where we demo and cast out gear, shoot videos and stuff like that. When the store closes it becomes a studio at night for recording and production. The cool thing about Little Fish Audio is that it allows us to constantly be talking about gear, answering questions about gear, sometimes fixing gear, and really consulting people on what is the best gear for them. Then when it comes to the Fishtank, a fresh project comes in, we may have already talked to two or three other people this month that have similar needs for gear, so we’re ready to explain to you why this certain piece of hardware is going to be the best for your vocal, for example.
July 31, 2015

Universal Audio Apollo 8

  The Universal Audio Apollo came on the market just a few years ago, and today, it has become a staple in many recording studios.  Why?   There are a couple reasons for that.  Having started in the 50’s Bill Putnam set the tone (and standard) for a lot of the analog gear that we use day-to-day.  Today, Bill’s son, Bill Putnam Jr., has created a new normal by combining incredibly precise digital emulations of classic hardware pieces, and paired that with an incredibly functional and high quality audio interface.   We can start with the plugins. Universal Audio has been building software emulations of hardware pieces for over a decade now,  and as that time has progressed,  their emulation techniques have only gotten better.   Here in the Fish Tank Studios, we have put many of these plugins up against their hardware counterpart, and have the results to be almost indistinguishable!  This is UBER important for a couple reasons. For one, having plugin versions of hardware pieces allows the engineer to use as many instances as he/she wants.  You’re no longer limited to only one use of your hardware. Next, the Apollo allows for virtually ZERO latency when recording through plugins.  Not only do you get access to some of the most powerful Audio Processing plugins on the market, but you are able to use them during the tracking process. Finally, UA has used all their knowledge and expertise in both the digital, and analog world to create an incredible sounding interface. […]
October 25, 2016

What to look for in a studio?

All right. What would you recommend that people look for in a recording studio? I would recommend that people take their time looking for the right environment for the songs, depending on what genre of music and what atmosphere the artist wants to create. They should look for the right size room, the right room that feels a certain way that you would be comfortable performing your music in and that would ultimately add to the mix that you want for that song. Aside from that, the engineers that you’ll be working with are super important, because these are the people you’re going to spend eight hours a day with and that are going to be responsible for giving you feedback on your takes and setting all the equipment how it needs to be set for the song. Engineers, you want people that maybe share similar taste in music or maybe have some alternate perspectives that would add to the recording.
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Why is the live room special?

Tell me a little bit about the live room. What is … The live room is actually something that I hold close to my heart because Josh and I treated it together. I think that it is pretty special. Mainly because I knew what it sounded like before. Now what it’s turned into is this very welcoming and clear atmosphere that when recorded is extremely transparent. I would attribute most of that to the ceiling treatment, which is a stretched piece of fabric. After that was done you could really feel the vibe had changed in there.