How to choose a recording Studio

October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: How should I prepare for studio time?

    What should I do before I go to the studio? What would you suggest?   The majority of the work on your project is going to be done before you go to the recording studio to do the final recordings. What you should do is make sure that you have all your Ts crossed and your Is dotted, starting with the song. Make sure that you have all of your lyrics written, and rehearsed, and practiced, and you know exactly what you're going to sing and how you're going to sing it. Make sure that all of the instrumentation is planned, and that the band has rehearsed those parts and knows exactly what they need to play so you can get it down on the first take. Then, have some embellishments on the second take and see if some magic happens.   Make sure that the band rehearses together. If you're going to record all these things together, make sure that you have rehearsals together with a click coming through the PA. Record these rehearsals, and you provide feedback, and you make things perfect from when you get to the studio. You should also be recording your own tracks at home in Ableton, or in Pro Tools, or whatever program that you can get your hands on just to number one, get the arrangements set, and also to get yourself more comfortable with recording and with engineering, which will give you more knowledge when you get to the […]
June 26, 2015

Choosing a recording studio miami: The indian not the arrow!

Choosing a recording studio to get your recording project done can be a daunting task. There are many factors that should be weighed out when making this choice. What type of music are you recording? What will the instrumentation be? Will you need guidance in the production and arrangement of the music or has this already been worked out? Will you need vocal coaching? What technologies do you need? What is your budget? To make best use of your time there is one factor which cannot save you more money: practice, practice, practice. Make sure that your song is charted out and that each part has been incredibly well rehearsed. You and your bandmates should be well prepared to deliver a flawless performance. Once you are indeed fully prepared, it is time to record. Choosing a recording studio is more than choosing a place with the right equipment. As the saying goes, “it is the Indian and not the Arrow!” There is no more critical element for a successful recording process than having a well trained, talented recording engineers. All recording engineers are not created equal. Although a 2 year or 4 year degree is helpful, these qualifications hold very little credence in the music industry. Pro tools certification in and of itself means very little. The truth is that there are hundreds of people claiming to be bona fide recording engineers without a proven track record of success in the recording industry. The only true measure of quality that […]
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: What does the hourly rate include?

    Does the rate include an engineer, and all the equipment and software in the studio?   Yeah. All of the gear, almost $100,000 in equipment, a great room, a great studio to record in. The control room is accurate, and an engineer who really knows what he's doing. Yeah, $65 an hour. I think that's amazing.      
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: What made the mix process easy at The Fish Tank recording studio?

    What made the mix process easy when you were here?   The mixing process here was great because our mixing engineer Paul Garcia, he wasn't limited to what plugins he could use, I would say that was one major benefit because Little Fish Audio has every plugin you can think of fully authorized, he could just pull up whatever UA compressor you want to throw on there or EQ and not only that he could pick whichever one he wanted, but he could put as many as he wanted. Some sessions we had like 90, 100 UA plugins running all at the same time and that's because we have the quad and the Apollo and then we have the OCTO card down below.   Aside from that, the room, the control room is very well treated and the listening position has the clouds over it and the bass traps in the corners. It just gives you a very true perspective of your mix. Aside from that, the monitoring was very helpful. The atoms, the S2X's were what Paul used most to simulate that wall sound and to give him what his mix was going to sound like. Then when we wanted to hear what the bass was going to sound like in the car, in another kind of stereo, we would switch to the general x which were not paired with the sub, but give you a more well rounded mix, including the bass, so we're able to […]