Miami Recording Studio

October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: What is the hourly rate?

    What is the hourly rate and is there a discount for booking multiple hours?   Our rate is incredible. With the amount of gear that you get, the level of engineering, we charge $65 an hour and I think that is … It is a bargain. Now, we do have a minimum. You need to book at least three hours at that rate, and then we can usually work something out if you're booking in bulk. So big chunks of time, we can negotiate a little bit. There isn't a ton of room because we need to keep the lights on, but generally we love what we do, and we're willing to work with you.      
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: Should the same engineer record and mix your songs?

    Should I have the music recorded and mixed by the same person?   It's a tricky question. There are pros and cons to that. If the person who has been tracking has done so in a way that he's been capturing things with the final mix in mind … So he's been using microphone choice, microphone placement, [preamps 00:00:32], maybe a little bit of compression, equalization. If he has a very clear vision of the way the final product should sound, then yeah. Especially if he has good mixes that you can listen to. Otherwise, my recommendation would likely be no, to have somebody else mix the stuff. It's nice to have somebody else's fresh take on a recording and be able to interpret things their own way and mix things their own way with fresh ears. I would definitely not recommend doing the recording and the mixing the same day, because ear fatigue sets in and becomes very difficult to actually hear what's going on and make critical decisions in the mix after recording. I like to separate the two, personally.      
April 13, 2015

Choosing an Engineer

A good engineer can either make, or break a session. Moreover, even if you have your part locked-down tight, if the engineer can’t accomodate your workflow, this can be very stifling. Before even booking a session, an artist should know the person with whom they will be working, and what the environment will be like. Also, if there are any special needs you might need as an Artist (whether its food in the area, a place to keep water cool, etc.), these are things that should be talked about beforehand. Also, remember that an engineer is more than a man running a machine, he is the one who is helping you translate your vision on to “tape” (or in this case bits). It’s important that the engineer has a firm grasp of the genre of music, or in the least, has prepared for the session by getting acquainted with what’s to be recorded/mixed. A good team can go a long way. Make sure you pick the right one. Our selection of the finest, most well vetted recording engineers, makes the Fish Tank Studios a fantastic choice for your next [intlink id=”7″ type=”page”]recording session in Miami.[/intlink]
October 26, 2016

Recording studio Miami: What makes Little Fish Audio Special?

    What would you say makes Little Fish Audio special?   I think Little Fish Audio is special because we are a small company that is trying to do big things. We deal with a lot of high-end recording equipment that a lot of people locally don't even know about and could really benefit from. This is a place where you can come try these things out so you don't have to take the expense or the risk of ordering it and then maybe trying to return it. You can just come here and take your time and also talk to people who have used the gear before and see if it's really the best bang for you book. A lot of times someone will come in with an idea of what they think they need and we end up recommending something that is much more cost effective and may give them a lot more.