Choosing a Recording Studio Miami, Fl

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April 13, 2015
Why choose our recording studio in miami?
June 22, 2015
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Choosing a Recording Studio Miami, Fl

Miami, fl has an abundance of [intlink id=”7″ type=”page”]recording studios[/intlink]. With the Latin, EDM, and enormous hip hop market, and as a destination for national and international acts, there is no wondering why! Getting the most out of a recording studio means knowing exactly what you need, and what is available. Are you tracking vocals only? You are likely not in need of an enormous SSL mixing room that books at $1000/day or more. Are you recording a big band or group with 8 or more performing at the same time? You may need one of Miami’s larger live rooms with facilities that can accommodate.

Today more than ever, major label recordings are being made, and albums are being mixed by smaller facilities that have two critical pieces working for them: incredibly well trained, vetted recording engineers, an accurate studio environment, and the might of high end analog and digital recording equipment.

Aside from being a recording and mixing engineer with over a decade of Major Label recording experience, we own a retail company that sells the bleeding edge equipment that recording studios are using today. Not only are we fully informed on what the latest and greatest equipment being used, we actually own most of it. Software plugins like Waves, Universal Audio, McDSP, Sonnox can cost recording studios tens of thousands of dollars. We have all of this at our clients disposal, as authorized dealers for these brands. The same too can be said for the latest Avid HDX and Universal Audio recording equipment. Because we are able to access this technology at such a small cost, we are offer the same level of service that artists and producers expect to receive at twice our cost. This edge represents an enormous savings! Come check out our recording studio miami!

If you are looking to book a recording studio in Miami, Fl please do not hesitate to contact us!

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