What to look for in a studio?

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July 8, 2016
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What to look for in a studio?

All right. What would you recommend that people look for in a recording studio?

I would recommend that people take their time looking for the right environment for the songs, depending on what genre of music and what atmosphere the artist wants to create. They should look for the right size room, the right room that feels a certain way that you would be comfortable performing your music in and that would ultimately add to the mix that you want for that song.

Aside from that, the engineers that you’ll be working with are super important, because these are the people you’re going to spend eight hours a day with and that are going to be responsible for giving you feedback on your takes and setting all the equipment how it needs to be set for the song. Engineers, you want people that maybe share similar taste in music or maybe have some alternate perspectives that would add to the recording.

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